Staff Contact Information

Fr. Randall (Randy) Knauf, OFM Capuchin — 920-539-8623

Sacramental Ministers
Fr. Larry Abler, OFM Capuchin — 920-740-1193
Fr. Oliver Bambenek, OFM Capuchin — 920-238-7940

Parish Secretaries
Mt. Calvary Office
Lori Lemke — 920-753-3311
Johnsburg Office
Tammy Horn — 920-795-4316

Director of High School Religious Education
Catherine Petrie —

Director of Elementary Religious Education
Nicole Sippel —

Pastoral Care Ministers
Sr. Jenada Fanetti, SDS — 920-753-2151
Ann Mischo — 920-960-4540

Ministers of Sacred Music
Ellie Gavin — 920-795-4002
Marilyn Lisowe — 920 898-4401
Lynn Schmitz — 920-979-4571

See Councils and Committees Listing for more information.

Vision Statement:
As disciples of Jesus in the Holyland, love unites us beyond all difficulties. God will do the rest.
Mission Statement:
We are God's children in the Holyland striving to welcome one and all.
We welcome new parishoners.
Please call the Parish Offices.
920-753-3311 or