Children's Liturgy of the Word

The Children’s Liturgy of the Word is run by parents / adults / young adults in the parish who are excited to pass on their faith to the children of our parish. Our aim is to make the children's experience of church meaningful, while helping them to grow in the faith of the Catholic Church and develop as full and active members of our Parish Community. We use a wide variety of resources, and each session is based on the readings of the day (these resources are prepared for you by the Christian Formation Committee). We are looking for people to help as session leaders.

The Children's Liturgy of the Word (CLOW) Ministry is aimed at inspiring our youngest parishioners with Jesus' message. CLOW is held every Sunday: St. Cloud site 0730, Visitation of Blessed Virgin Mary site 0900, St. John the Baptist site 1030. All parishioners ages 4-10 are invited to join their peers to break open the word!

Session Leaders

• VOLUNTEER MUST HAVE SAFE ENVIRONMENT CLASS (held at various sites in the Milwaukee Archdiocese, including Our Lady of the Holyland).

• Read the adapted scripture from the Children's Missal.

• Prepare and engage children in a discussion, activity, and reflection based on the Gospel message (resources will be prepared for you).

• The children are asked to come forward after the opening prayer of the Mass and then they process to the gathering area where the Liturgy takes place. They return to join the full congregation at the offertory.

• Mentoring available!

• See how your own faith may be inspired by the children in our parish.

Resources for Session Leaders

Catholic Mom

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